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We introduce you to personalities

Our many years of management experience enable us to speak a common language and recommend top executives at eye level.

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With our competencies acquired over many years, we feel and bear a high level of responsibility

Top Executive Search

Executive Search of personalities for medium-sized companies, family businesses, listed equity or private equity companies as well as for foundations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

On the international level, we recruit executives for companies listed on international stock exchanges such as DAX, MDAX, TecDAX, TSE, SZSE, SSE, NASDAQ, NYSE, KOSPI, SEHK.

The recruitment is based on the customer strategy, considering the company as a system and the goal is to ensure the company's success.

Executive Search - Bord Advisory

We advise our clients in the search for outstanding personalities for their advisory and supervisory boards. For us and our clients it is essential that the personalities in question are highly competent, have a high ethical understanding and are independent. Of course we also evaluate existing supervisory boards.


We recruit C-level management positions such as managing directors, board members and chairmen as well as second-level management positions. We successfully fill the areas of finance, marketing and sales, human resources, supply chain and operations, technology, legal, regulatory and compliance. The search and selection process also concerns the members of supervisory boards. Depending on the need, we have been cooperating successfully at an international level with renowned search boutiques on every continent of the world for years.

Family Business Advisory

Companies run by families are the largest employer in Europe. We advise in the sense of sustainable and long-term provision for a succession arrangement. Our advice is of benefit when filling management positions both externally and internally, when it may be necessary to establish and search for a supervisory board and when creating governance rules and structures.


Focus on our clients benefit

We are aware of our responsibility and act quickly, reliably and above all value-oriented for your success.
Our mission statement and our curiosity for interesting companies and personalities are the motivating factors for our passion "Executive Search and Consulting".
We recruit personalities with ethical standards, coupled with proven leadership success.


Our experience and our excellence of consulting requires a generalist approach in executive search.
Further client benefits (About us) come from our own management experience in various sectors (medical technology, facility management, mechanical and plant engineering, nursing homes/senior citizen residences/disabled persons' homes, hospital management, music and performing arts, film, building culture, architecture, design, media art, digitalisation food and luxury)

Our advice and our personal approach of personalities concentrates on the following sectors:


Medical technology, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, healthcare IT, chemical and process industry


Mechanical engineering, plant construction, Aerospace solutions, mining, energy and environmental technology, transport, Montanistik, Metallurgy


Real estate, facility management, cleaning, catering, maintenance, security, exhibition, travel and leisure, transport and logistics

Financial Servces

Insurance, banking, asset management, private equity, real estate, private equity

Technology and Communications

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, Telecommunications, Cyber Security, Software, Semiconductor

Social and Public

Science, politics, foundations, NGO, Church, Municipality, music and performing arts, film, building culture, architecture, design, media art, digitalisation


Consumer goods, media such as television, radio and publishing, wholesale and retail, fashion and luxury goods


Our many years of experience enable us to fill positions with outstanding personalities

Leadership in various branches

Management experience in various branches. Activity as former executives (About us) in various international management functions (CEO, Director Sales, Marketing & Service, Commercial Management, Head of Key Account Management, Head of Marketing, Product Management) in various industries (medical technology, facility management, mechanical engineering, health and social services, food and Luxury).

Consulting with responsibility

Our understanding of management and consulting is based on our own lived international management experience in different industries and their process worlds.  We are aware of our responsibility by constantly dealing with the continuous market and process changes. Only in this way are we able to present excellent personalities who have already proven to have a very high added value.

"Reading" of Personalities

Experienced "people reader" through the combination of life and leadership experience, educational experience (Dipl.-Ing. , MBA, psychology) and experience in the application of successful profiling methods. The "reading" of a person always results in a certain picture, which gives clear answers regarding the required candidate profile in terms of behavioural strength, professional motivation, personality traits, competencies and intercultural values.

Successful Consulting and Recruitment since 2010

Since 2010 successful national and international recruitments of top management positions as headhunters, personnel consultants and coaches in various industries.

Top positions are filled in the areas of technology, marketing and sales, human resources, supply chain and operations, finance, legal, regulatory and compliance.


Intercultural way of thinking

Many years of international experience (intercultural management) as former managers in both corporate groups and medium-sized companies. The international experience with worldwide networking is characterised by cosmopolitanism and liberality. It is important for us to understand the corporate culture and the respective national culture of our clients so that we can match their cultural content - depending on the strategy - with the values, norms and experience of the personalities we are looking for.

About us

It is our passion to successfully and sustainably recruit C-level functions such as CEOs, COOs, CMOs, etc., Managing Directors, Supervisory Boards and Advisory Boards, but also B-level functions for group and family companies as well as for large medium-sized companies and private equity firms. We attach the greatest importance to living the values and mission statement of our company both internally and ex…

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Our aim is to recruit positions which are to be entrusted with a high level of responsibility with experienced and mature people with distinctive character traits. We advise in the spirit of a hanseatic merchant which is the largest value-oriented association in Germany and feel committed to the mission statement "Honourable merchant of Hamburg.", which is based on three pillars: Our self-image as a human being, our self-obligation as entrepreneurs and managers and our self-imposed standards as a member of society. In different cultures - especially in different management situations with intercultural overlapping situations - we cultivate a sensitive and beneficial interaction for all people involved. The highest degree of discretion, commitment, honesty and the assumption of responsibility is not only a matter of honour for us, but a top principle.


Personalities - Invitation to a confidential meeting

We advise executives on the first and second levels of management who have intentions for change regarding their future career. Seen in this light, we also advise in the sense of inverse headhunting. We see ourselves as "bridge builders" between these personalities and potential target companies. In doing so, we determine the experiences, competencies and personal ideas in a confidential conversation. With the help of our networks with members of the board of directors, supervisory board committees and managing directors, but also with regard to current mandates, we can often build a bridge to a new position of responsibility. The contact we have maintained over many years and the trust we have built up with our candidates ensures long-term advantages for both sides. Openness and absolute discretion are indispensable and a matter of honour. You are welcome to contact us !


A personal conversation will convince you. We are also happy about every nice message in a written form.

Executive Search & Consulting

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Executive Search & Consulting

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